The Innovation Network

The network's goal is to focus on innovation and how governments and companies are thinking differently to solve problems and create new opportunities.


The Innovation Network has been set up to facilitate sharing and collaboration to develop and deliver innovation across the Island successfully.  This forms part of the States of Guernsey goal to embed a culture of innovation across the Public Sector and develop the skills and competencies of staff to increase innovation activity.

Innovation is key to the successful implementation of the States' Public Sector Reform challenging how services are delivered with the aim of producing positive outcomes for the community. Critical to this is a customer-centred innovation process, that applies a range of techniques to facilitate successful collaboration and the generation of better ideas and the delivery of smarter outcome. The Strategy will need to be followed by a specific action plans and initiatives in order to provide a more proactive and systemic approach to innovation to meet the challenges of the 21st century and to better meet the needs of the public. 

A draft of the Innovation Strategy document can be found here

This page will be updated regularly and there will be regular networking events to support progress.
Details on the "What does innovation look like" event that kicked off this network can be found here.
In addition a link to the States Public Reform documents can be found here.


In the video below, Connie Kalcher Vice president, Customer Experience LEGO talks about open innovation, co-creation, lead users in relations to LEGO Mindstorms, LEGO Design By Me and LEGO Universe