FinTech Guernsey

The current digital age brings with it new challenges and significant opportunities for the finance sector on especially in the Financial Technology Area.

What is

FinTech has become a general term used for any technology applied to financial services, from improving existing systems to new entrants and new consumer products competing with or disrupting the traditional way business has been done.

There continues to be an exceptional level of worldwide investment to stimulate and develop new and relevant innovations in this sector.

The Digital Greenhouse and the States of Guernsey’s Commerce & Employment department are investing in supporting the development of the Island’s proposition in the FinTech sector.

This and other activity in this area by private businesses and professional service companies will continue to increase the potential volume of interest in what the Island is doing and who are the leading parties to engage with. 

A presentation introducing FinTech and its relevance to Guernsey can be found here. 


FinTech Guernsey holds regular events to allow individuals interested in FinTech to come together, network and drive ideas forward.


Guernsey FinTech Nights are held quarterly, each event focuses on a different theme with guest speakers for various backgrounds.


This section will provide information on the themes discussed and the main topics of each night for those who were not able to attend.


Find out about upcoming FinTech Guernsey events here


There are various FinTech related events happening in the Digital Greenhouse, on the Island and abroad. These events range from Seminars, networking events, Hackathons and much more. A list of these events can be found here.





PwC - Strategic report into the future of FinTech

PwC's strategic report into the future of FinTech in Guernsey and the opportunities that may exist which was commissioned by the Commerce and Employment Department can be seen here.


There are lots of exciting developments in the FinTech area, to view all the FinTech news items visit the page here.