Digital Skill Development

The Digital Greenhouse provides a focal point for advice and networking for the whole community, we also provide a number of courses for young people

A need
for skills

The digitisation of businesses across the economy has presented a huge number of opportunities and benefits, it has however also presented a skills gap within digital. There is a growing need for more skills within the sector, Tech Nation identified that the number of tech jobs in the UK in 2017 had grown at almost twice the rate as non-digital sectors.

Below are a number of online and on island resources and courses available to help further your digital skills. 


The Digital Greenhouse provides a focal point for advice and networking for the whole community, we also provide a number of courses for young people which can be found here as well as a number of different events aimed at providing more information on all things digital!

There is also access to StartUp Guernsey and its team of business mentors who provide business advice, start-up support networks, and information on potential sources of finance.

Our facilities are available to people wishing to provide their own training courses, contact us to find out more.


On Island Courses

There are currently courses available at the GTA University Centre and at the College of Further Education if you are looking at studying on island. We are happy to be able to give the contact details of Kate and Dan, get in touch with them to find out more about their courses.


Kate is available to talk to at the Digital Greenhouse on Wednesday mornings if you would like to talk about digital skills training, to arrange a catch-up with Kate please email

You can find more information on the courses provided by the GTA here.

At the GTA our vision is to work in partnership with individuals and companies, and through the provision of quality training and advice, contribute to the economic success of the Bailiwick.

Kate Sole
Programmes Manager Digital & IT at GTA University Centre

College of

To find out more information about the courses that Dan leads please email or find more information here.

Guernsey College of Further Education has over 5,000 enrolments each year and offers a wide range of courses for the Bailiwick community.

Dan Hunter
ICT Lecturer and Curriculum Lead at Guernsey College of Further Education


BPP in Guernsey offer support to the digital sector through the delivery of Microsoft Office courses, as well as business and management courses for those starting up a business in any sector. Visit their website: for more information, or email us:


We are a locally based professional training provider, with offices in the UK, Central Eastern Europe and Offshore and we are continuing to grow

BPP Professional Education Guernsey


Coding and Robotics  (10+) 

The Coding and Robotics club utilises Lego’s 4Cs the learning is scaffolded to enable effective development in an innovative and active manner, learning by doing.  The young people will work on challenge tasks in pairs, initially building group led programmable robots using high quality motors, sensors, gears, wheels, axles and other technical components.  They will use input and output devices to create sequences and commands linking cause and effect.  Moving on, learners will take the role of engineer and innovate to solve real life problems.


We will be running various holiday clubs through out the year make sure to sign up to our newsletter to keep informed of up coming courses.


Digital Enrichment Courses

Coming Soon

We are currently developing a series of enrichment opportunities for young people interested in developing their Digital Skills including coding, robotics, creative and many more. Details of these will be being announced shortly, sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed.



Skills Courses

Are you looking to build your digital skills? There are lots of online courses that can further your basic digital skills, some of these include:


Microsoft Virtual Academy


Digital Wings


Google Garage


Coding Courses

If you are specifically interested in furthering your coding skills there are many online coding courses that allow you to learn at your own pace around your schedule. Some of these include:




Code School




These courses will teach you the basics of the different programming languages which you can then use to develop your ideas and knowledge of coding.