01 October 2018

Q&A with C5 Alliance Women in Tech team Anna and Marie

We recently sat down with Anna Milon and Marie Floury and discussed their recent event, Women in Tech with C5 Alliance which took place during National Coding Week. With a full house in attendance and multiple topics about women working in the technology industry, here's what they had to say about the event.


How did the event go?

Really pleased with how the event went because we really wanted to get an interactive workshop. We had lots of comments from people in the audience and there was a good number of people who attended. We had a good variety of people and opinions so we’re really pleased.


What kind of people were you targeting?

Both women and men - it’s important for men to be advocates of women in tech. We particularly found that recruiters came along too because part of the talk was about recruitment and retaining both men and women working in the technology industry.


What are you wanting people to learn from your event/talk?

It’s really around understanding issues women face in the technology industry. Becoming aware of things like unconscious bias, being aware of having female role models and educating and getting women engaged at a young age so they see technology as a career option for them.


How do you feel National Coding Week is helping people?

It’s a really good variety of people who come along and a great initiative. Just having media attention is really positive and for people to come along and experience taster workshops so they can understand what it’s about. We want to promote the different types of roles available in the IT industry - it’s not just computer programming or someone sat behind a desk in a dark room typing away. There’s all sorts of different roles for different types of people.


How has the Digital Greenhouse supported your event/talk?

They’ve provided the venue and have been fantastic. They’ve promoted the event and made sure we’re all set up and were ready for the event.



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