23 November 2017

Our Work Experience Student's Report

During GEW our work experience student, Kieran, was reporting on the events that took place!


Events for global entrepreneurship week were held at the Digital Greenhouse and organised by Startup Guernsey. Guernsey has been doing Global entrepreneurship week for 7 years now, it started in 2004 in the UK. I went to four of these events I have written reports about them.


Speed networking

The first event of Global Entrepreneurship week was Speed networking hosted by The best of Guernsey. Speed networking is like speed dating where a group of people sit on opposite sides of each other. They each get two minutes to talk about their company and then rotate. They do this to see if what the other person is offering can be useful to their company. They start of with 15 mins introductions and tips in how you can improve your networking.

Here are some of the tips:


  • Have a business card ready,


  • Know what to say,


  • Make sure you know the key elements of your company.



The workshop on Wordpress was hosted by Anni Bisson from AB Design.

Wordpress is a tool which helps you make a website, there are two different types of Wordpress: .org and .com, .org has more choice in what you can do with it but with .com has little choice as it does not have many themes and you can’t buy any themes.

They discussed how to make a Wordpress website, what happens if something goes wrong and what to do if you get hacked. They also talked about how you can run your website such as, if you let people comment and how the website will function. Wordpress was made in the early 2000’s. 


G Suite

The introduction to G suite was hosted by Martine Ellis. We went though all of the "Create" Apps on Google which are Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Slides and Google Drive.

In Google drive we learned how to organise our documents and how to make folders. In Google docs we learned how to share our documents and how to include add ons. In sheets we learned how to make graphs and in Google slides we looked at the different functions, I learnt that there is a Q&A that you can put on your presentation. 


Vision boarding


The Vision boarding was hosted by Sasha from Island Mums. Vision boarding is when you make a board that sets out what you want to achieve in the future. In the beginning of this workshop we had a couple of minutes to think to ourselves about what we want to accomplish from the workshop then Sasha told us to cut things out of magazines that caught our eye. These made our vision boards. We then spoke about what they mean to us in front of everyone.


This article was written by our work experience student Kieran who joined us from Le Murier School for a week placement.




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