17 October 2018

Interview with Artist Jenny Hutchison

Every three months here at the Digital Greenhouse, we invite a member of the Guernsey Art Network to exhibit their work around the space. Most recently, we welcomed Jenny Hutchison who creates stunning oil paintings of Guernsey landscapes in the early hours of the morning. We recently sat down and spoke about her artworks and how she stays creative whilst having a busy lifestyle.


How did the exhibition go?

Really well. I was fluctuating between really nervous and really excited at the same time but once I saw it all set up and how nice it all looked, I was extremely pleased.


How does the space at the Digital Greenhouse best suit your work?

I think because it’s a really modern space and I think that it complements the traditional oil painting look - it’s a good contrast because of the sharpness of the modern and softness of the oil painting. The space looking out of the window onto the sea is fantastic and having the lighthouse and sea views then my work beside - it’s a mixture of it all.



How can people find out more about your work?

First of all through the Guernsey Art Network who helped set this whole thing up between you guys and encouraged me all the way with Athene Sholl. I’ve got a Instagram page (which you can find here) and I have a Facebook page too (which you can find here). I’m also in the process of setting up a website.


How can you encourage people to be more creative in their spare time? Whether it being painting or other arts?

Yeah you have to make time. First of all, you have to have a subject which you absolutely love and then you have to decide to do it. For example, I have no spare time, but I still manage to do this and that’s because I make myself time. I do my painting in the early mornings so I decide the day before that it’s going to be a big event and then I pack the car ready to go, get everything ready - even my tea cup. Literally all I have to do is drag myself out of bed the next morning and go and paint. I always have a fantastic time as I don’t have the whole day to talk myself out of it. Just find something you absolutely love. 



To see Jenny's work, simply pop into the Digital Greenhouse where it's displayed around the co-working spaces and meeting rooms. 

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