28 March 2018

Guernsey Independent Film Productions Launches

Guernsey Independent Film Productions is a recently formed local branch of Independent Film Productions U.K. a non-profit organisation that seeks to provide both a common space and cultural hub whereby anyone interested in filmmaking can come along and share their passion with other filmmakers.


Together, we can learn from each other’s ongoing experiences, improve our skills through an exchange of views and, in addition, getting down to some hands on practice.


It is about building a community and sharing our collective passion and knowledge throughout this community.

Be it through fiction, documentary or especially with experimental projects, we all know through experience that filmmaking can often be an extremely lonely road, especially when one is starting out in this creative industry or is about to embark on ambitious new projects.


One shared dilemma can be the lack of support and productive feedback from peers. We aim to fill that vacuum outside of conventional spaces.


As part of a support network for independent filmmakers, all GIFP income and donations will be deployed in the development of local and international film projects; promoting and supporting Guernsey filmmakers as well as providing accessible film education in Guernsey.


We shall also be able to provide exciting opportunities for our filmmakers to showcase their films as an essential category within our international screening events.


Regular Meetups and Events

We hold open-mic sessions in a lovely coffee place on The Bridge. Anyone can join and meet with budding filmmakers, network themes and projects, share ideas and forge new friendships in a like-minded environment.


Students, beginners, experienced people…you are all welcome !


Our YouTube Live Stream events generally take place on Sunday evenings. It’s a great way to pick up useful tips and techniques by tuning into live interviews with film professionals.


We also encourage people to submit their own questions before or during the interview. And of course the recordings are available for our members to watch at any time.


Independent Film Productions will shortly be launching a competition to pitch ideas for a film to be made in multiple locations. It will be centrally directed and our aim is to come up with a story we can shoot partly in Brighton, Riga and Guernsey. More details on this will be announced shortly on our Guernsey Independent Film Productions Facebook page and also on our website.


Free membership is available to anyone who attends at least three GIFP events each year and in so doing is able to support fellow members with advice, volunteer on their projects or by being an active community member in real life and online.


Filmmaking courses

GIFP will be running film courses in the island with the support of the Guernsey Arts Commission and Digital Greenhouse.


Our first event Get Into Filmmaking, which is tailored for Guernsey film enthusiasts, film makers or anyone with an interest in the world of film and cinema, is scheduled for August this summer. This course will kick-start your filmmaking career!


Our 4 day hands-on course will cover all the basics of filmmaking in order to get you started in realising your own projects. Learn how to use cameras, lighting and sound equipment. And most important you will walk away with a solid foundation in and a thorough understanding of, the film production process.


We will also produce, film, and edit a short film. Students will have access to an array professional film equipment.



This course will cover:

  • Camera operation -  how to use digital film cameras and HDSLR.
  • Shooting - creative camera angles with the scene.
  • Narrative -  visual sotrytelling and storyboarding.
  • Lighting -  use of lighting equipment and techniques.
  • Sound recording -  how to capture great audio.
  • Equipment -  learn to use all the gear you will need to make your own film.
  • Editing -  how to edit your project.


The GIFP Short film course will be led by an experienced professional filmmaker currently working in the media and is actively producing content for TV, Web and film. Each day will begin with a lecture in the morning followed by hands-on filmmaking workshops in the afternoon.


Let's get together and make some films!

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