01 March 2019

Guernsey Gaming for Good

Local charity Guernsey Gaming for Good came together recently at Digital Greenhouse to raise money for various local charities, each member picked a game to play for 24 hours and raised a total of £1716.07. We caught up with the organisers James and Lewis to find out more




What were your aims of the event?


We came together to organise a slightly smaller 24 hour event. It was more social and brought a lot of close friends together to raise money. Last year was Guernsey Gaming Fest, there wasn’t much interaction with the 24 hour section, so we wanted to have a more open area for people to interact together.


How did the event go?


I think it went really well, one of our biggest successes. It would’ve been nice to get more involvement from the public but it was still really great and we raised a lot of money for charities. We sadly lost a few people in the night who couldn’t quite make the 24 hours but most people stayed until the morning with us. It got a bit loopy but everyone was buzzing by the end of the night.


Will you be doing more events like this?


We hope so. It was really good fun and easy to organise, and people did really well with their sponsorship forms, we ended up raising £1,716.07 for charity in total. I think raising as much money as we did was more enjoyable for everyone taking part.


Could you give a brief history of GG4G and how it came about?


We were inspired by the Loading Bar which was a video game themed bar. A member of our team started hosting little tournaments, then they started being streamed online and the bar became really popular for these tournaments. We started planning for larger events but sadly the bar closed, so we came up to the Digital Greenhouse and started holding events here.


How did the Digital Greenhouse support your event?


The Digital Greenhouse has supported us massively. GG4G events wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t have the Digital Greenhouse space, and the team is so accommodating towards us. Plus there’s loads of power outlets and fantastic internet which is perfect for gaming events. We’ve loved the events we do here.

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