27 November 2018

Marketing Meetup with Crowd Media

Last week we welcomed Crowd Media to host the Digital Marketing Meetup who presented about digital marketing strategy, future trends and untouched topics like Instagram faux pas.

Here's what they had to say about the event...


How did you feel the event went?

I thought the event went really well, yeah. So people came with a real interest in what it was based on which was strategy. They seemed to be engaged with it and I think everyone came with a good level of understanding already. They were also engaged and interested in what we’re doing in the future which I think is really good for Guernsey in terms of local knowledge. We’re pleased everyone was engaged and were asking questions, it couldn’t have gone better and we hope everyone enjoyed it.


What people were you targeting with the event?

Crowd at the moment are really keen to be an outlet for anyone who’s interested in Digital Marketing locally. The whole point of the Marketing Meetup is intended to be as open as possible to anyone who has a keen eye or interest, even if they’re a bit confused about it and want to learn more. Any level of expertise, any level of knowledge. Just as long as they have some sort of desire to learn a bit more, that’s what we’re trying to achieve working alongside the Digital Greenhouse with the ongoing Marketing Meetup events. There were business people there, other agencies, there was a really young guy there who’s doing his own thing so it was a mixture of different people.


What are you wanting people to learn from your talks?

I think we’re really keen to help people in Guernsey keep on track with what is is happening with the now and also the tomorrow. Giving an insight to what the future looks like so businesses from startups to whatever level are able to look forwards and to have an idea of what to expect. That’s why we offer the predictions section in the talk and we’re looking at specific topics that perhaps are a little untouched locally but are super important. These are things that businesses might be missing but they will also get the opportunity to be the innovators and be the first in those areas. So yeah, just chat to people locally and offer our expertise in that way.


How did the Digital Greenhouse support your talk?

They offered us the opportunity to talk as part of their ongoing Marketing Meetup. We snatched up the offer as the Digital Greenhouse is very central, promotes digital and it was the opportunity to outlet and attract those kind of people like I mentioned earlier. We see the Digital Greenhouse as a hub for that kind of thing and an easier way of attracting those kind of people. We also teamed up with the promotion of it so more people knew about it and signed up.


Will you be doing more?

We will be yeah, currently in discussions now with the Greenhouse for 2019. We’re keen to ensure that we are offering some insight to what’s always current and expected moving forwards so that everyone can have a vision for their business strategy.

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