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Dorey Financial Modelling is owned and run by award wining actuary Martyn Dorey.

Its core business is in financial technology, building bespoke financial models and analysing big data for clients which between them are worth £100bn.

The team produce tools that assist the financial services industry to plan for and understand the future. Their models enable clients to apply realistic values to assets and liabilities - both in the short, medium and long-term. These financial models specialise in calculating the appropriate asset allocation for each client, based on a sound understanding of economic modeling, behavioural finance and the behaviour of assets and liabilities - both in isolation and in conjunction with one another.

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Martyn feels that the island offers unique opportunities for networking and innovation, saying "I think people are more connected in small communities. I can do so much in Guernsey that I couldn’t possibly do in London because the speed of connectivity and level of interaction across sectors is so much greater. There is a Renaissance taking place here: it’s less about working in silos and more about creating links and opportunities across multiple sectors".

He also feels that the environment itself has a positive impact on business, "I love the fact that our office looks out onto the harbour and my commute is less than 20 minutes door-to-door. I think people who come to Guernsey realise it has a special magic."

Dorey Financial Modelling has also created a number of bespoke online web applications for clients. These deliver dynamic and interactive investment information to pension scheme members, wealth managers and institutions

We are trying to develop actuarial science and take it to the next level. Guernsey is an ideal base: it is easier to reach out to people and is suited to creative thinkers because of the breadth and diversity of people.

Martyn Dorey
Managing Director, Dorey Financial Modelling


Dorey Financial Modelling has recently expanded its services outside of the Financial Services sector, applying its modelling to the construction market through a Joint Venture with two senior figures in the construction industry in London, forming Lima Insights. There is a trend towards using ‘big data’ on construction projects to better inform the lifecycle/lifetime cost of a building; the next step is to use ‘big data’ to establish the real value of companies within this sector, which will be invaluable for Merger and Acquisition activity. This is an unexploited area that led to the formation of Lima Insights.

The business has also just developed cutting edge computer vision software to help a client speed up the sorting and distribution of parcels. This demonstrates the sheer depth and breadth of products offered by the business, which collectively make up the ‘portfolio’ of services offered by Dorey Financial Modelling. This ‘portfolio’ approach is increasingly used by technology start-ups, and Martyn firmly believes that there will be an increasing shift away from ‘vertical’ product lines to ‘horizontal’, broader-based product ranges.


On a personal level, Martyn won the 2015 Anvil Award from Guernsey Chamber of Commerce for creating a computer system to model the impact the changes of an ageing population can have on the island’s finances; and is co-founder of Ozoris who are exploring how machine learning can be applied to make law more accessible and to provide a smart technological framework to enable the establishment of new legislation in a fast and effective way.

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