Women in Tech Workshop - National Coding Week

Event Information
Date & Time: 18 September 2018 12:00
Location: The Shed

Join us for a special Women in Tech workshop hosted by C5 Head of Process and Platforms, Anna Milon and Application Support Analyst, Marie Floury.

During the workshop Anna and Marie will discuss:

*       Why has the percentage of women in IT decreased and how can we reverse this trend?

*       Recruiting and retaining female talent in the IT industry

*       Advancement in the IT industry

*       Experiences in IT

*       Opportunities working in IT in Jersey/Guernsey

National Coding Week is a free annual event designed to inspire adults to improve their digital skills. The week will be celebrated at the Digital Greenhouse with a series of events and activities that highlight the diversity of digital technology. For more information contact: info@digitalgreenhouse.gg

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