Lunch 'n' Learn with BCS

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Date & Time: 26 January 2018 12:15

Lunch 'n' Learn with BCS


The Rolling Electronic Census. Using AI to bring order from data chaos


In 2015, the States of Guernsey completed its pioneering Rolling Electronic Census (REC) project. Since it went live, the REC has been delivering detailed quarterly population statistics, 40 times more frequently than the traditional 10-yearly paper census, and at a fraction of the cost. At the heart of the project is bespoke software which automatically mashes together data from a diverse array of government administrative data sources.


This talk, given by the developer of the REC software, will give an insight into how the software makes sense of a chaotic set of raw data, and in particular how a few simple AI techniques are used to automate what would otherwise be a hugely laborious process.


About the speaker: John Surcombe is Director of Software Development at Digimap, where he heads up the software team. He has 16 years’ experience designing and developing bespoke systems for the government and utility sectors.


Light refreshments will be provided from 12:20 and the presentation will start at approximately 12:40 for around 30 – 45mins. The speaker will be available after for a question and answer session

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