Innovation Lab series - Introduction to the Innovation Toolkit 2.0

Event Information
Date & Time: 28 June 2019 13:00
Location: The Shed at the Digital Greenhouse

A discovery session to help you approach project challenges from a new perspective. The Innovation Toolkit is a set-by-step guide to innovative team based work that can be used to help kick start a new project or offer support and focus if a project stalls. Come as you are or bring your team as we talk you through the content and give you the opportunity try out some exercises with your own project problems. 


Things we'll cover in this lab:

  • life-cycle of an innovative project
  • team dynamics
  • problem identification and investigation
  • user identification
  • solutioning / idea generation techniques


Presenting the Innovation Toolkit 2.0
Originally created by States of Guernsey employees during a workshop last year, and displayed on the Digital Greenhouse website, the second iteration (or 2.0) of the toolkit is designed to be a downloadable guide booklet giving teams easily accessible methods and tools to help drive innovation at different stages of a project.

About the Innovation Lab
Originating from an internal States of Guernsey initiative, these free monthly meet-ups are now open for anyone to attend. The aims of the Innovation Lab are to introduce methods of innovative working through a variety of presentations and workshops, as well as developing a network of like-minded people to discuss ideas and encourage co-working across industries.

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