Digital Marketing Meetup

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Date & Time: 13 September 2017 12:30
Location: Event Space

We hope you can join us for our second Digital Marketing Meetup!

There will be plenty of time for networking and also short talks from Nicole and Rick from the Best of Guernsey and Spike Productions. is the island's leading online marketing solution provider passionately promoting and marketing the best local businesses and events to the community. With over 13,000 registered members to the website and a social media following of nearly 9,000, digital marketing plays a huge part in their success. Director Rick de Garis will be giving a brief overview of how online marketing is allowing local businesses to get found and get noticed and Client Relations Manager Nicole Bromley will be touching on how B2C and B2B social media marketing plays a part in this.

One of our members Warren Mauger from Spike Productions will also be introducing his new live streaming equipment and how you can use it to enhance your next event!

See you there!

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