Digital Marketing Meetup - Social Media Strategy

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Date & Time: 21 November 2018 12:30

In a digital landscape that continues to evolve, how can you and your business position themselves effectively amongst the amount of content consumers now receive?

What are the latest tools and techniques that must be adopted in order to build a relevant and rewarding presence?

Crowd Media have spent the last decade helping brands across all sectors to understand the power of a social media strategy based on meaningful objectives that are backed by measurable outcomes. With a fearless approach and a desire to understand and learn from the data at your fingertips, brands have the opportunity to magnify their personality and meet the growing expectations of

their target markets in creative and exciting ways. 
Join us for a glimpse of what social for business is all about, and why it really does matter…
Key Topics:
• Strategy - Objectives & Positioning
• Network & Collaborate with the Best
• Personalisation in 2019 - Closing the Divide
• Q&A
Speakers: Jo Porritt, Founder of Crowd Media / Ollie Smith, Director of Crowd Media

Join Us Our Initiatives. Your Innovations.

Join the Digital Greenhouse, together we can help deliver the diversified, innovative and creative culture Guernsey needs to succeed in the future.

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