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Date & Time: 14 June 2019 13:00
Location: Digital Greenhouse
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Join us for the Student Game Jam Challenge! We are holding the Student Game Jam Challenge on Friday 14 June at the Digital Greenhouse, with the session being sponsored by First Central Insurance and Technology Group. 

This jam is open to students aged between 12 - 18 of all skill levels and backgrounds, so even if you have never made a game before come along and have a go!

Over the course of the jam each team will look to develop a game based on the given theme during the sessions, this is not limited to type, platform or coding language. They can use one that they have used in the past or elect to try something new. Experts will be on hand to give advice and answer any questions you have.

How it will run:

The event will run across two days starting on Friday 14th June open from 1pm onwards and finishing at 9pm with food being provided. Attendees will then come back for the Saturday session running from 10am to 4pm.

Friday will start with attendees arriving, getting into teams and a presentation being given about the Jam, the expectations and rules of the two dates. The presentation will end with the theme being announced for teams to base their game on.

Teams will then have time on Friday and then again on Saturday to build their games. From 2pm on Saturday teams will have to put final touches ahead of the games being showcased to the group. The day will end with teams presenting their games to the group, covering the features and challenges they found over the session. Time afterwards will be given to allow for the attendees to try out each others games.

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