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Prototyping is a structured way to check that you have an efficient and fitting solution or approach before rolling it out or making a big investment in it.



The final stage of the Double Diamond is the delivery stage where your idea is tested, analysed and launched. This is a structured way to ensure that you have an efficient and fitting approach before rolling it out.  


By the end of this section you should:

  • Have trialled some of your most promising ideas and received feedback from a focus group

  • Used the feedback obtained to create a structured plan for your bright idea moving forward




Testing your idea

Before launching your idea it is important to first test it on a smaller scale, to see what works and how you can improve it. Try some of the following to trial your idea:

  • If your idea is a physical creation, try building a small model using cardboard, paper, children’s blocks, toys or any other materials you have access to. This is so you can see your idea in three dimensions , checking if it will run smoothly or if there are gaps that need fixing. From a design perspective this also gives you the opportunity to get creative with its’ overall style.



  • Draw the process as a storyboard and use the pictures to talk people through the idea. This will allow you to get feedback at each individual stage. Try to consider what works, what could be improved, what the users need as well as what they want

  • Create a focus group out of your target users and act out parts of your idea as if it had been launched. You can use the Experience Map as a guide. Try delivering your idea in different ways, does this affect how it is used/recieved? How are the users made aware of it? How is it marketed?



Receiving Feedback

Once you have prototyped your idea, use some of the following questions to help unpack the feedback and create a plan to take your bright idea forwards:


  • What did the users like about your idea?
  • What worked well?
  • Are there areas where improvements could be made, if so what are they?
  • Is it easy to use/implement?
  • Has your innovation helped and how?
  • If you had more resources, what would you change?


These questions are suggestions, so make sure to include other ones that apply to your particular project. This stage can be repeated as many times as necessary. It may take multiple prototypes until you are happy with your idea rollout, just make sure that you are reflecting back on the process, returning to why you wanted to start this process to begin with. But most importantly, remember to have fun with it! 


What Next?

It’s time to take your successful prototype to the next level and roll it out within the  designated service area. Remember to make sure it is meeting the needs of the users and don’t be afraid if your idea continues to change and develop as time goes on.

And remember, this is an iterative process. You can use everything you have learnt, revisit the tools and create new ideas or develop your current one further.



Your next challenge awaits!


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