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It is said that we are now entering the 4th Industrial Revolution. This is the increasing use of a combination of new technologies that are fusing the physical, digital and biological worlds impacting on all disciplines, economies and industries. Entering into this new era has prompted often heard questions, which are also relevant to us here in Guernsey: what will future jobs look like, how we will work, what skills we will need? 

The digitisation of many aspects of our modern life in Guernsey is now a reality and is also a crucial factor in the future success of our economy.  For students starting their work life and for individuals wanting to enhance their careers or to change their career, it is very important to have clear pathways which show them how progress on their digital learning journeys.

The digitisation of work processes provide us with additional or replacement tools to work smarter and more efficiently, this means that the traditional skills we have for so long focussed on in school and in higher education, will need to be augmented with digital, technological and innovation learning.

Businesses in any sector from finance to farming, benefit from digital innovation and processes. This digitisation will require our work force to develop different skills from school leavers to silver surfer.

In this booklet we have compiled a range of profiles of islanders who work daily with new digitised processes and innovative technology in their jobs. These individuals work across many sectors, fulfilling a variety of different roles, which rely on technical, digital knowledge and skills. It shows the breadth of opportunities available in Guernsey involving the need for individuals to work in ICT, infrastructure, UX and creative design, software development, digital marketing and communications, fintech and many more.  Some of these jobs did not exist 10 years ago and this show how fast businesses are moving. 

We will continue to see the development of new job roles which rely on digital skills and qualifications, hence the importance of presenting these profiles to illustrate the changing shape of workforce skills.


Deputy Andrea Dudley-Owen

Member of the Committee for Economic Development

Member of the Committee for Education, Sport & Culture


Content & Design

"Confidence is key - if you cant sell your ideas to a prospective employer, how are you going to sell your ideas to the world?"

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Product Design


Use your coding and engineering skills to create software and hardware products

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Business Services


Use your IT and business knowledge to market solutions to clients and industry.

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Technology Services


Use your deep technical skills to securely manage and interpret clients data

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Digital and Creative Profiles


Find out more about people who work in the Digital and Creative Sectors, what their jobs include and what skills are needed.

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Careers Guernsey

For more information about Career pathways in the Digital and Creative sectors contact Careers Guernsey

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