Application Analyst


A fiduciary services company is looking to recruit an Application Analyst to administer support and develop Viewpoint, together with designing or update reports, as required by their clients, as well as providing feedback on the direction and support for IT solutions that enhance mission-critical business operations and any such other activities as may be reasonably required by the role.

Key duties:

•             As part of the primary and main role, to work collaboratively with the existing applications team members in monitoring, maintaining and supporting the Viewpoint Application, front end, business facing in Citrix, as well as the SQL server.

•             Assist with the data exports related to FATCA/CRS, in the various offices, within deadlines, as necessary using Viewpoint and Fusion TDE.

•             Provide secondary support to the monitoring, maintenance, of the SQL systems as well as front facing applications, including but not limited to MFact, MShare and Mantra according to industry best practice standards.

•             Applicants must have proficient Viewpoint expertise with solid understanding and technical knowledge of the application, have a good understanding and technical knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server, Microsoft Reporting Services and have experience with systems design and development from business requirements analysis through to day-to-day management.

Applicants must also be able to query a database, write SELECT and UPDATE statements, within transactions, and within a change management environment and have excellent written, oral, and interpersonal communication skills.

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