Web Design & Digital Strategy for Beginners | New dates TBA

GTA | Date: 02 April 2016

This weekend course will provide you with an introduction to HTML. This is the text-based coding language behind the foundation of all websites. We will give you the tools, resources and confidence that will enable you to build a basic un-styled website skeleton.


Day 1 - Introduction to HTML

Morning - You will get you started with an introduction to HTML. and go over exactly what it is, how it is used, what it is used for and the various elements, which will help you put together the skeleton for your website.

Afternoon - By the afternoon you will understand HTML. You will be familiar with how to code, define and correctly use tags such as <!DOCTYPE html>, <head>, <body>, <h1>, <p>, <a>, <img> and much more. You will then get started with CSS! Once you have the confidence to manipulate these languages you will be shown how to combine them to build a simple website from scratch in three hours!


Day 2 - We help you build a pro-version of your website and introduce you to  SEO & Analytic tools

Morning - You will quickly recap over what was learned in Day 1 to bring everyone up to speed. You will continue with your website and add extra features to make it more appealing and functional.

Afternoon - By the afternoon you will be tinkering with existing HTML5 & CSS3 to restyle and redesign your website. Shortly after you will cover how to get the most out of SEO and Web Analytics. You will also outline trends, the importance of User Experience (UX) and the skills required to be a web developer.

After Day 2 you will have knowledge to code, design and style a website from scratch! You will understand how to apply SEO & web analytic tools for an effective digital strategy.

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