App in a day

GTA | Date: 04 May 2018

App in a day is an intensive day-long experience for anyone seeking to understand the digital world. The day is designed around a brief: design, build and launch a multi-platform app, using different technologies including HTML, CSS and Javascript. With Adrian’s hands-on approach you will understand what code is, and how it can be used to enhance your understanding and help you to excel in your business.


  • Understand the technical jargon of the coding world and fundamental coding concepts
  • Realise the value of open source culture by seeing how libraries like jQuery and Bootstrap can be used to create, quickly and efficiently
  • Learn what is possible with the technologies of today, and tomorrow

Tutor Profile


Adrian Ritchie has gained extensive industry experience from a diverse range of sectors. From HR systems and document management to accounting systems, workflow automation and systems integration, more recently he has added education and community engagement to his repertoire through coding clubs, student robotics with Ladies College and co-founding Makerspace Guernsey.

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