FinVention Student Competiton

This competition is an opportunity for student teams to develop new FinTech products or ideas and win the chance to present their idea at FinVention 2016

What is

FinTech has become a general term used for any technology applied to financial services, from improving existing systems to new entrants and new consumer products competing with or disrupting the traditional way business has been done.

There continues to be an exceptional level of worldwide investment to stimulate and develop new and relevant innovations in this sector.

The Digital Greenhouse and the States of Guernsey’s Commerce & Employment department are investing in supporting the development of the Island’s proposition in the FinTech sector.

A presentation introducing FinTech and its relevance to Guernsey can be found here. 


Teams are tasked with coming up with a FinTech product/ idea or a  which will then be presented to a panel of experts in their final session. The idea can be a completely new FinTech product or a way of using an existing product or idea in an innovative way in the Finance area.


The Prize: 

Tickets for winning teams to the event and the opportunity to present to the expert panel at FinVention 2016 on 1st November.


Teams can register using the entry form below. 


Session One (4th Oct 1:30 - 4:30):

The sessions will take place in the Digital Greenhouse, the first will start with members of the Digital Greenhouse team giving a presentation to the teams about FinTech and giving examples of FinTech products and possible problems/challenges that the teams could work on.

The teams will then decided on a problem and start to develop ideas and work on their solution.


Professional Mentoring

■ Teams can contact a support team between the two sessions, building and developing their ideas


Session Two (18th Oct 1:30 - 4:30):

The second session will start with the teams developing their solution and creating a presentation to be able to pitch their idea to the panel of judges.

At 5pm the teams will pitch their ideas to the judges the pitch will involve the teams presenting their idea followed by a short question and answer session with the judges. The judges will then choose a winning team who will then pitch their idea at FinVention 2016 on November 1st.