Understanding Coding has become more and more important as Technology has developed. The Digital Greenhouse is working towards developing the Island's Digital Skills through various projects and training.


One of the aims of the The Digital Greenhouse is to support and increase people’s knowledge, skills and experience with digital technology. The Greenhouse is working with local training partners to arrange more and more learning and development opportunities.

Initiatives such as the National Coding Week and Hour of Code and countless online courses are excellent ways for people to connect with the excitement and opportunity that technology can bring to their lives. 

What is

Code is the language that is used to create and control technology, enabling coders to write commands for technology to follow. Understanding this language - even at a basic level - gives anyone the satisfaction of simply knowing how things work. 

“Technology is an integral part of our lives. Some is incredibly powerful yet hidden whereas some is more than apparent and at our finger tips, such as the web"

Mike Culverwell
Interim Director, Digital Greenhouse


Understanding coding opens up a massive world of opportunity. It means people can fix, experiment, make and create new and exciting things. Just understanding the basics of how a website is built or how digital technology works can help a business person understand what they need or an entrepreneur to imagine and develop a new product or service. Learning how to code also provides an amazing opportunity to immerse yourself in the fun of experimentation and the satisfaction of solving problems and creating something new. 


It can be an incredibly rewarding task - as with anything you aim to make - it's a skill that once learned, can empower you with the ability to create and solve problems to an extent that few other skills can. 


These are important skills that will open up more and more career opportunities.” 

How to

Coding Courses
Taster sessions and part time courses are being arranged throughout the year. Please email us at if you are not already part of our mailing list and would like to receive information about upcoming courses. 
Online Coding Courses
If you are interested in coding but want to take it at your own pace or fit it around your current schedule then there are many online coding courses. Some of these include:




Code School






These courses will teach you the basics of the different programming languages which you can then use to develop your ideas and knowledge of coding.