09 June 2017

Guernsey French Hacakthon - Making Guernesais more fashionable

The weekend saw teams taking part in the first Discover Digital community Hackathon to develop ideas of how technology could help people learn or get more people to speak Guernesais (Guernsey French). There was a mix of people attending from those with a language background who did not have much technical knowledge to those who are very experienced with technology but have never spoken Guerneais.



The day started with a design thinking exercise where everyone was given post it notes and pens and tasked with putting 100 ideas onto the wall in 10 minutes, these ideas were not constrained by budget or even if the technology exists yet. This resulted in over 120 ideas being put on the wall with very interesting concepts such as Guernsey French DJ nights, Guernesais dating apps and even the idea of attaching Ibeacons to puffins to push out messages.



The main themes of ideas that were produced in this exercise was to 'Normalise' or make Guernsey French 'Fashionable', the teams then picked some ideas and developed them further to then present them back to the other teams at the end of the event. 

Through out the event we had several Guernesais speakers and teachers helping with language questions, Jan Marquis who helped in organising the Hackathon said 'It is great that the Digital Greenhouse project is showing an interest. We are trying to see what we can do to raise awareness and make the language more normal'

All of the teams came up with great ideas, the ideas did not just stick to an app but also included how social media can be used and even using physical marketing materials such as beer mats could be used to raise awareness of the language. A theme through many of the ideas was to use beacons to push notifications out to passers by to notify them about up coming events or phrases that they could use. 

Off the back of this Hackathon a section of the Digital Greenhouse app is being created to allow users to listen and learn some phrases to use as a proof of concept project over the summer. 



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