09 May 2017

Community Hackathon: Can technology help people learn Guernésiais?

As part of the Discover Digital project the Digital Greenhouse has joined up with Island Language to hold our first community hackathon being supported by Guernsey Museums. The challenge, which is kindly being sponsored by Cherry Godfrey is to for teams to develop solutions on how technology can be used to help people learn Guernésiais  (Guernsey French.) 


It’s rare to hear Guernésiais spoken today, as possibly as few as 200 people are still fluent, however a number of Volunteers and language enthusiasts strive to keep the language alive the aim of this Hackathon is to take advantage of new technology to help with growing the number of people speaking Guernésiais.


On Saturday 3rd June, The Discover Digital Community Hackathon will take place over the day and we invite teams to develop ideas and solutions to the challenge. We are looking for people passionate about language, you do not need a high level of digital skills as the technology platform will be provided.  All ages are welcome to register through the Digital Greenhouse website.


On hand will be Guernésiais speakers and developers to give advice and answer any questions that participants may have.  The best of the ideas will then be taken forward and developed into the app to be launched over the summer.


Yan Marquis, Island Language, said ‘'We are very excited to be working with the Digital Greenhouse and Guernsey Museums in embracing digital technologies to 'ravigautai' (revitalise) Guernsey's very own language, 'Giernesiei'. Such an approach has proved to be a significant part of successful efforts elsewhere.'


Lucy Witham (Education Officer for Learning Technology) one of the organisers said, “We hope that the Discover Digital Community projects are a way to bring people from all walks of life and ages together, many of whom may not normally engage with technology, to tackle community issues and opportunities.  This is a great way to build skills and knowledge, whilst also leveraging digital for our communal benefit. ”


Beyond the event, the Digital Greenhouse are looking to run further community based Hackathons and would be pleased to hear from anyone interested in partnering on future projects.


For more information and to register visit the Discover Digital Community page here.

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