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The Digital Greenhouse is a hub for innovation and advancement in the digital and creative sectors. The premises provide a space in which individuals and businesses can network and collaborate to the benefit of their own projects and the wider community.

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Registered User Casual Advanced Allocated Desk
Free £10 £50 £150
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Membership Terms & Conditions  |  User Handbook

Corporate Memberships

Corporate Membership is available for businesses in any sector who wish to nominate employees to occasionally work and network in the premises. Membership cost is based upon the number of named members of staff the company would like to nominate. 
Corporate Membership also provides the opportunity to book the meeting and event space for activity related to supporting and growing the use of digital technology, the digital sector and entrepreneurship on the island. 

Booking details and costs can be found here and will be confirmed on request. 


Beyond membership, we welcome further direct support and sponsorship from any corporate member to benefit the growth of the sector. As an example, this could be in the form of resource, expertise, skills training, events and speakers, equipment, funding or collaborative projects. Please contact us to discuss. 


Number of Nominated Members


For use by up to 5 nominated employees 

£50 p.m.

For use by up to 10 nominated employees 

£100 p.m.

For use by up to 15 nominated employees

£150 p.m.

(Each additional 5 employees)

(add £50 p.m.)

Corporate Casual Membership (1 nominated employee)

(Does not include meeting rooms, enhanced directory listing, tea or coffee)

(£120 per year)


Welcome Pack

We have developed a welcome pack to enable new members to get up and running in the Greenhouse as fast as possible. 

Click here to view the Welcome Pack



The Digital Greenhouse offers a student membership option which is free of charge and gives the following benefits: 

Digital Greenhouse Newsletter, access to events, high speed Wi-Fi connection, 10 hours per week Hot-Desk access, and use of the Digital Greenhouse Members' badge



(i) Costs confirmed on enquiries / request.

(ii) Standard Directory includes: Business name, business type and contact details.

(iii) Enhanced Directory includes: Business name, business type, contact details, logo plus a small description of the services provided.

(iv) For meetings and events related to the digital and creative sector and furthering innovation and entrepreneurship on the island. Booking details and costs here, and can be confirmed on request

(v)  Registered, Casual and Corporate users have access to the tea and coffee facilities by making a contribution to the honesty box.

(vi) After successful completion of full application and vetting process.

(vii) No more than 20 prints per week.

(viii) Dedicated lines are available under direct contract with Sure

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