Guernsey French Hackathon

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Date & Time: 03 June 2017 10:00
Location: Digital Greenhouse
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On Saturday June 3rd we are welcoming teams and individuals to the Digital Greenhouse to take part in a one day Community hackathon. The workshop poses the challenge; “How can we use technology to grow Guernsey language?”


What is a Community Hackathon?

This day-long event sees teams participate to explore a defined challenge. Rather than a traditional hackathon, in which teams develop code/solutions, this workshop take you through the stages of idea creation, collaboration and generation of mock-ups of your digital concepts.  Therefore, this workshop is a valuable exercise for those interested in how we solve big problems, how technology can drive change and those who wish to learn ways to take an idea from a concept to business model.


What is the challenge? 

The challenge is to see how technology can help people learn the Guernésiais language. More details will follow shortly.


Who can participate and what skills do I need?

All ages are welcome and anyone can participant in the event (under 16s must be accompanied by an adult).  Specialist knowledge in IT/ Software is not required. If you are creative, have great ideas and are interested in how we can support the growth of our local language, we want you!


Further Questions

Please contact Ben Wratten


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