The Discover Digital Summer Internship Program offers summer employment to post-16 students who are passionate about digital and want to work for some of the islands leading employers on their digital projects. 


What is the scheme?

A Five-Week summer internship for Guernsey students who are keen to work in the Digital Sector.


Who is it aimed at?

The Discover Digital Summer Internship is open to post-16 students at Sixth Form, CoFE or university who have shown a passion for and experience in digital (this could be gaming, video, coding, website building, robotics, social media. digital arts, etc) and a desire to work on digital projects for some of the island’s leading companies.  


What’s in it for the candidate?

Students will be employed by local companies who require digital skills to work on a range of projects.  This internship will give them a real taste of where these skills can take them.  Whether the business is focused on wellness, insurance, marketing or consulting, digital is the common thread for skills sought by many of today’s top employers.  After the Internship, candidates will have experienced working on real challenges while learning from other employees about the role digital plays in their company on a day to day basis.  


Which businesses are involved?

Employers and facilitators include KPMG, Healthspan, PWC, Sure, FCG, Potting Shed and the States of Guernsey.


What is involved?

Lasting five weeks from 17th July - 18th August 2017, the programme includes five 1-week projects or one 5-week project culminating in a presentation of the projects over the five previous weeks, to be held on the 18th August. It may be possible to miss one or two weeks, so apply if you are interested but not available for the whole five weeks. The first week is eligible for Activity Week for those students at the Sixth Form Centre.


How does the payment system work?

This is a full-time position, 9-5pm, Monday-Friday. The pay is £14/hour for each 35 hour work week.  Additional hours on an unpaid basis will be required to prepare the final presentation to be held on 18th August.


Is a job offered at the end of the three month term?

There is no job offered at the end of the internship, however, the candidate will have picked up valuable work experience in areas such as research, coding, presentations and working with data.



First Central Group

FCG have made their talented software development team available to the Guernsey Youth Commission in order to design and build a state of the art digital solution to help this worthwhile charity continue to provide world class support to the young people on the island. This exciting project follows the same fast-paced development processes FCG leverage in our highly skilled software development hub in Guernsey and which underpin the groups award winning bespoke digital insurance product - Focus. FCG promotes and encourages the personal growth, development, health and wellbeing of its staff and actively works to support the community.



Digital technologies are doing for human brainpower what the steam engine and related technologies did for human muscle power during the Industrial Revolution. To that prophecy, Sure launched an internal innovation programme (Project-i) earlier this year, and preliminary outcomes will be known in May.

Sure expect that the Summer Interns will therefore use their skills to help one or two projects moving further and, although the nature of those projects is unknown to date, will likely have to observe Sure’s organization as a portfolio of expertise and assets that can be endlessly recombined. Projects may range from rooftop solar panels to 3D printers to experiment new workplace practices (increasingly able to learn and adapt, automation moves into more complex, less structured activities) and/or solutions (customers depend on data, especially from peers, and value creation shifts toward information rich services).



KPMG will be running an internal summer innovation programme, where Summer Interns will be given an opportunity to compete and test their skills against KPMG’s seasoned innovators. Although the exact competition theme is kept confidential at this time, it will involve working with our data & analytics team to improve internal processes to make our client-facing staff’s life easier through the use of technology. For example, we might be looking to automate some cumbersome everyday tasks, exploiting the wealth of data and promoting data driven decision and making or developing an app to help be more efficient in busier times!



The project is a web based role, sitting within the Marketing Team at JT.  

The candidate will working our Business Website, a WordPress site, consolidating and enhancing some of our business pages across different products and services. The project will require the candidate to review the site and make recommendation to enhance the customer journey, content and refine SEO’s. The role will require the candidate to work not only with the marketing team but to also liaise with our IT team.

This project is something that the successful candidate can see through right to the end, with real time results and rewards, as the changes identified can be implemented within the 5 week period of the internship.  



PwC has been at the heart of the the development of digital opportunities for the island.  Examples include working with the States to create a Strategic Vision for Fintech (,  implementing a Know Your Client Utility for digital identity verification and supporting many leading organisations in Guernsey on digitally transforming their business.

Our aim is for our Summer Intern to get a broad experience of a range of digital projects including working on client engagements, from providing data insights to assisting them with the design and implementation of their digital projects.  We are also constantly innovating and transforming the way we work through the development and use of new technology within our organisation.  Our Summer Intern will therefore learn about the exciting opportunities that digital technology has for local businesses and get hands-on experience working with our team on internal digital projects.


Web Imagery Upgrade project


Day 1. Research and explore images for our 200+ articles on the new website.

All the images will be placed on the walls ready for day 2


Day 2. Refine and Photoshop fundamentals. 

As a group, we go through each set of images, picking the best ones then downloading the real versions.

In the afternoon, they learn how to optimise and crop images for uploading to the website. 


Day 3 Optimisation and Text.

We go through each image and make it the correct size for the website. 


Day 4. Uploading.

Morning, learn how to use Sitecore.

Rest of the day, uploading images. 


Day 5. Buffer if we run over on the other days plus review all work. 


We will get different people across Healthspan to run and be part of different days, and then there will be a review of the work on Friday by senior management.

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